Welcome to Linh's home page, a place for me to organize and also share my programming projects, independent films, short stories, photos, and ramblings.

Fun Tech

  • Play Biz Goliath! A fun idle clicker game showing how corporate promotion can be fun and productive! (I rebranded to a generic company name to avoid any trademark concerns, but imagine "Korpo" as your favorite company!)
  • ML5 Example using ML5 machine learning javascript library
  • TensorFlow JS Example using the TensorFlow JS machine learning library
  • Pyodide Run and edit a neural network written in Python 3 and Numpy directly in your browser!
  • KIC 8462852 My first co-authored scientific paper on a 1574-day periodicity of transits orbiting KIC 8462852 also known as Tabby's Star or the Alien Megastructure Star
  • Exo-planet transit explorer Create planets, asteroids, megastructures, and shapes to discover how a transiting exoplanet or alien megastructure might affect a star's light curve as seen by Kepler and other observatories. NEW: mobile friendly!
  • C# Roslyn I embedded the Roslyn C# compiler/interpreter that lets you edit and run C# or run pre-formatted code snippets via your browser.
  • I'm working on a C#/.NET re-imagining of Hadoop/Spark. Let me know if you'd like to help! The design goals are:
    1. Zero-configuration. It just works. Add a new node and it is automatically accepted into the swarm.
    2. Each node is independent and smart. No need for master or control nodes.
    3. Memory-based computing (a la Spark) with hard disk for back ups.
    4. Supports streaming and batch including all C#/.NET features including TPL, Rx, channels, etc.
    5. Simple distributed in-memory cache with parallel/async support with plug-in support for alternatives like Redis.
    6. Simple distributed message bus with plug-in support for alternatives like MassTransit/RabbitMQ.
    7. Online dashboard that lets you test new code in realtime. Type and run! No build, copy, and run/test cycle needed.
    8. Fully redundant and resilient: The network organically recovers from node or connection loss.
    9. Beyond Spark and current paradigms, this could be used for: in-memory distributed databases and a general distributed computing platform or as an alternative to microservices architecture.
    Currently in very early stage pre-alpha built on .NET Core 2.1 and SignalR/Roslyn. Plan to open source once alpha milestone reached. Email linh@linh.com.
  • Deep Dream Run Google's incredible Deep Dream neural network algorithm right in your browser with parallel worker tasks.
  • Image Painting From ConvNetJS, train a neural network to paint a photo you upload. Fascinating watching the learning happening.
  • Deep Q Learning Train a ConvNetJS creature to eat berries and avoid poison. My plan is to add procedural level generation, additional agents, etc.
  • Recurrent Neural Network Train a network to predict the next words in the style of a particular author. Nifty.
  • Javascript AI Editor A live javascript editor with access to the ConvNetJS library and code snippets. Run neural nets in your browser!
  • 2D Machine Learning My experiments with a 2D physics engine and deep learning.
  • Python & Turtle Graphics Run Python right in your browser with turtle graphics snippet.
  • Leaflet Example using the LeafletJS mapping library
  • Cassandra query:
  • Your Host: querycube.com


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